11th May 2020 – CORONA UPDATE: GREAT NEWS !!
We are very happy to inform you that we can start up again with our group lessons. Starting Monday 11th May we will begin with our group lessons for all ages.
The following rules apply on our property. We kindly ask parents and riders to follow the rules in order for the lessons to take place in a safe and responsible manner:

  • Persons of all ages, who do not own a horse on our property, have not rented a horse or do not participate in our lessons are not allowed to enter the property.
  • Parents are only allowed to bring their child/children to the entrance and also pick them up from there, and they are not allowed to stay to see the lesson. There will be sufficient assistance for helping saddling the horse, and getting up and off the horse, if needed.
  • Children and adults that participate in (group)lessons or rent a horse are not allowed to bring any friends or family.
  • The 1,5 meter distance rule is always valid. Children between 13 and 18 of age must always keep 1,5 meters distance from each other and from the instructor(s). This also applies to adults.
  • Children up to the age of 12 must always keep 1,5 meters distance from the instructor(s).
  • It is obligated to wear gloves during your entire stay at our property, so also before and after the lesson.
  • The us of our caps is not possible at this moment. Please bring your own equipment.
  • The horses will be groomed and saddled in their own stables. The corridor must remain open at all times.
  • Only 1 person at a time can enter the saddle room or the toilet area.
  • Our canteen is closed.
  • In case of health complaints such as fever, coughing or a cold you must stay at home. Please let us know beforehand if you are not able to come to the lesson. Children and adults that show one of the aforementioned health complaints will be sent home directly by the instructor.
  • If anyone within the family has a fever, then please stay at home.

Furthermore the general measures are also applicable at our property:

  • Wash your hands often
  • Use paper towels
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
  • Do not shake hands
  • And always follow the instructions.

We are very much aware that this special situation is different for each of us, and can be difficult. We do our utmost to start up with the lessons in the safest possible way. We hope for your understanding for the (sometimes strict) measures, and hope that this situation will be temporary. As soon as the Dutch government eases the measures further we will adjust our way working where needed and where possible. We thank everyone very much for their support and understanding during the last weeks.

Kind regards,

The Hazendonk family
Riouw Rijschool

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If you would like to receive information about our riding school, you can contact us via the following telephone number or e-mail address:

Riouw Rijschool
Riouwstraat 62-C
2585 HD  Den Haag

Telephone: 070-3557766
E-mail: info@riouwrijschool.nl

Naturally you are also very welcome to visit us so we can answer your questions and you can have a view at our location. Our opening hours are:

Monday – Friday:   08.30 – 22.00 hours
Saturday:               08-30 – 18.00 hours
Sunday:                 08.30 – 13.30 hours